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Revolutionary energy saving feature  reduces energy
with  up to 60% to an industry-low power consumption.
With the latest development within Energy Recovery it is now possible to lower the
power consumption from 7.0 to 8.0 kWh/m³ to less than 3.0 kWh/m³ (or from more
than 30,0 kWh/k-gallons to less than 11.0 kWh/k-gallons).

In 1997, the first Pressure Exchanger, a 4-inch diameter patented commercial
device, made of all ceramic material, was installed and tested in one of our 250
m³/day plants in the Canary Islands.

The plant has since been in continuous operation at a record-low energy
consumption of less than 2.8 kWh to produce one (1) m³ of potable water (or 10.6

The significance of this invention speaks for itself ,as with an energy price of
$0.15/kWh, the plant-owner is left with an annual saving of more than $65,000 -
due to this feature alone.

As a comparison, our largest containerized model SeaRO-84ERS with a daily
capacity of 1,000 m³ or 264,000 gallons will accumulate a saving of more than
$250,000 per year.