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Financial Information on Seawater Desalination
As most of our clients, you are probably visiting this website as a survey to produce
freshwater from sea water as you have a present or future need, but you do not have
access to freshwater at your location or you find the existing freshwater supply and
quality unstable - or simple too expensive.
Whatever reasons you may have we are here to answer your questions and to assist
you and will be happy to guide you through your project.
The process of producing your own freshwater is not only, what is considered by many
a matter of the capital investment, but much more important, a matter of the  price of
your freshwater.
For this purpose we have developed a comprehensive project model that will not only
function as an activity and equipment plan, but result in a thorough financial overview,
based on the actual client and location conditions.
For further information on how to get started, please contact us.
On the links below you will find specifications for:

  • Analysis: Total Production Costs consisting of amortization and operating costs
    for standard models.
  • Cost Comparison: A comparisons between conventional SWRO desalination
    plants and energy efficient plants.
  • TDS & Temperature: Charts showing the salinity and temperature effect on
    production capacity for SWRO desalination.
  • Electricity: The impact of the increase in energy prices.