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HOH-USA & Carib Ltd. Seawater Desalination
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HOH-USA & Carib Ltd is an international manufacturing company
of  containerized   energy   efficient  reverse   osmosis  seawater
desalination  plants  with  individual  unit  capacities of more than
1,000m³/day equal to 264,200 US-GPD or  220,000 Imp-GPD
depending on feed water salinity and feed water temperature.
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With  an  industry-low  power  consumption of less than 3.0 kWh/m³ (11.3 kWh/k-gal)
of potable water, our plants are recognized between the most energy efficient SWRO
desalination systems within the seawater reverse osmosis desalination industry.

Our  plug & play  concept is  to  produce  the  water right where the water is needed,
wherefore  the  plants  are  fully  assembled in 20-ft and 40-ft heavy duty containers
ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of arrival - saving months of
installation time.

Low energy consumption and minimal maintenance is our key to industry-low
production costs.

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